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Apprentice Designer - Remote

Part-Time in San Francisco, CA - %LABEL_POSITION_TYPE_REMOTE_ANY% - Entry Level

About Everywhere Capital

Our mission is to help people learn in-demand skills, and find jobs that utilize those skills. We hire for apprentice roles on a part time basis, pay them while they learn and build skills, and then place them in junior, high paying positions that use those skills.

About the Apprentice Designer position

We are looking for an Apprentice Designer (AD) to join the team to learn and apply User Experience (UX) design skills. The Apprentice Designer will spend approximately 3 months (paid) part-time to build design skills with guidance from the Everywhere Capital Team.

Over the 3 months, the AD will learn how to build user-friendly and intuitive products to attract and retain users, by combining interfaces and workflows to enhance user experience.

A successful candidate should be a analytical and creative, and able to grasp people's needs and solve problems.

This position is remote - you can work from anywhere.

Apprentice Designer responsibilities are:

  • Read materials and watch videos about UX Design to build knowledge

  • Complete projects as a way to learn, and also build a portfolio

  • Learn Design skills such as building wireframes and prototypes, conducting effective interviews with potential customers, using the right language to describe UX principles, communicate with other designers and developers

  • Continuously communicate with, and keep Everywhere Capital team up to date on progress

Apprentice Designer requirements are:

  • Analytical thinker who can effectively analyze flows and visuals, and solve a wide range of problems

  • Able to manage projects

  • Strong communication skills

  • Self-motivated, detail oriented, and a quick learner

  • Great at time management